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Legal Disputes between individuals or businesses and public bodies may involve issues of Administrative Law matters that actually challenge unlawful acts of such bodies including Local Authorities, Government departments, NHS, Police etc.

Judicial review is the main remedy for this. It is a procedure under which the courts in England and Wales supervise the exercise of public power on the application of an individual. The courts are generally limited to considering only the decisions of the public body which are illegal, irrational or subject to procedural impropriety.

Burney Legal Solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with all types of unlawful actions of public bodies by lodging applications to the High Court or the specialist Tribunal Court for Judicial Review.

We often advise our clients from the outset of any claim, including the merits of their case, the pre-action stage, to prior and post litigation through to costs including any potential complexities.

We can work for you on a No Win No Fee Conditional Fee Agreement to fund your judicial review claim. We offer a fixed fee to cover the costs of your initial meeting and case review so that you will know how much you will have to pay to pursue an action against a public body.

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We regularly act for our clients across a range of Administrative Law actions including:

Immigration Judicial Reviews;
Planning Judicial Reviews and Statutory Appeals;
Breaches of Statutory Duty;
Environment Cases;
License Issues;
Health Authority breaches;
Obtaining Injunctions.

Has the Secretary of State refused your application without a right of Appeal?
Has the Secretary of State unlawfully retained your documents?
Has the Secretary of State failed to provide a decision in your case?
Has your planning application be unreasonably refused?
Have your objections against planning proposals been ignored?
Has a licensing authority unreasonably refused you to undertake business activity?
For expert advice and further information, please contact our specialist team on 0208 551 221.

Please note that actions against public bodies have strict deadlines that have to be adhered to. So don’t delay and contact our team.